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Phily Skeamz has been an avid hip hop fan since 2 years old. At the age of 3 he was routinely watching Rap City and became fans of Wu-Tang, Nas and Biggie. Growing up, his older brothers were always downloading music and at age 6 he was introduced to Eminem, Royce Da 59, and 2Pac. At age 7 he began freestyling and at age 9 he began producing instrumentals on Fruity loops. After listening to the discographies of Nas, Eminem, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Bizzy Bone, Lil Wayne, and many others Phily Skeamz begin seriously writing songs at age 15. Phily started going back-and-forth making rap diss songs with his friends which started as friendly competition. Phily soon noticed he was precocious at the art of song writing. Phily Skeamz began recording remixes to songs by speaking into his phone and into his laptop built-in microphone and using programs like Garageband and Voice memos. One of the 1st songs he remixed was The Real Slim Shady which Phily wrote during a school pep rally in the auditorium. In Skeamz junior year of high school he took a Music Tech class reawakening his passion for producing instrumentals. Within a year Phily had enough music to release a mixtape but all of his recorded tracks were lost on a laptop that was stolen at a house party.


Being resilient and determined shortly after that incident he released a 21 track mixtape "Acception to the Rule."  Most of his peers enjoyed the mixtape because they were instrumentals that were popular at the time, like Kendrick's "Maad City" and J Cole's "Forbidden Fruit."  About one year later Phily dropped another mixtape "Catch Up." This mixtape connected with his region even more than the first. After this Skeamz started releasing a track every week on SoundCloud and YouTube. Phily Skeamz buzz started building buzz slowly from his versatility on tracks and unique beat selections.


At this point in his career Phily thought it was the perfect time to release a full length album. He began to create 14 instrumentals which would eventually become the foundation for his debut independent album "Finago." During the creation of his album Phily Skeamz moved to Southern California to be able to network and have easier access to top tier audio engineers, mastering engineers, producers, and studios. After the release of his album "Finago" Skeamz felt he had displayed his talent, and understood his style was naturally dense, so he could aim his focus on other aspects of his sound. He decided to collaborate with other producers and explore different LA studios. After creating new singles and an EP with brand new energy, he decided to collaborate with the director of photography Cameron Schmucker. After coming up with the concept, finding a space, and finishing the record Phily Skeamz directed his music video for the song "Baggage Claim." This was loved by DJs across the US and did great spreading awareness and introducing listeners to him as an artist. In an effort to stay consistent Phily Skeamz released six tracks shortly after releasing "Baggage Claim." After the loss of a family member his consistency slowed down in the public eye, however behind the scenes it was moving faster than before. Inside sources have confirmed new music is expected from Phily Skeamz very soon. 




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